Welcome to 5-0 Marketing

Where women in Midlife (and a few special men) build the businesses of their dreams so they can live the life of their dreams.

You weren't born yesterday. And that's a good thing.

You probably got where you are today by being a bit unconventional. You know the rules but you don't always follow them.

You believe deeply in your business. You know you have something special. You know the right client/buyer will love what you have to offer.

But how do you find them?

How do you woo them?

How do you keep them coming back for more?

If you don't find my tag line funny, trust me, we can't work together.

Who I Am


Hi, I'm Kimberly Samson

And that's the last time you'll hear me be so formal. My friends call me Kimby. I hope that's what you'll be calling me.

I live in Los Angeles with my super encouraging and forgiving husband who believes in all my ideas even when I don't.

We have 3 sons who thankfully never got the memo that kids are supposed to be difficult, and 1 Vizsla that must have eaten that memo.

I have a snarky blog I write to amuse myself and my friends called Kimby Not Kim. If you are easily offended by strong opinions and language that would make a sailor blush, please don’t check it out.

I love to ski. I also have lots of extracurriculars like running, riding horses, and unsuccessfully attempting to grow a seasonal vegetable garden.

My resume says I spent my professional career advising people how to build their businesses, invest their money and transfer generational wealth. Money was just the backdrop. I really was advising them on their family relationships, personal and professional goals.

Now I take all my financial education, experience building online business, and good old fashion life lessons and use it to help you build your next best chapter and thrive.

Whether it's taking your existing business to the next level or finally satisfying your inner entrepreneur and starting something new, I deliver highly actionable steps to help you live this beautiful gift of life to its fullest.

What I Do

Content Factory

Post on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tik Tok, You Tube. Do it three times a day. No, 5 times a day. Find the perfect posting time of day for your target market. Have a blog. Have a newsletter. Have a podcast.

Tired of feeling like you have to be a full fledged media company? Good news is you don't have to be. You just need a custom plan tailored to you, what you offer and

who you serve.

I can help.

minimum investment = $900/month

Baby I'm Yours (for a day)

This strategic intensive will set your business roadmap. My magic is seeing what is possible for you and your business. And it's bigger than even you ever dreamed.

We'll set personalized goals for your session depending on your needs. Revenue strategy, branding, logo, website design, product offerings, content strategy, customer journey, lead generation, sales process, hiring, customer onboarding, email nurture sequence; it's all on the menu.

Depending on your needs, we may need more than one day. That will be determined and agreed upon beforehand.

minimum investment $3,000/day

The Boss Of You

It's lonely at the top. If you're looking for a cheerleader, integrator/COO, accountability partner, reality check and business bff you have found her.

This is a weekly call to help you stay on track to meet your goals and implement the strategies and projects determined in our time together during the full day business intensive.

minimum investment = $1,500/month

The Whole Enchilada Suizas

Why suizas? Because that's my favorite type of enchilada at Fonda San Miguel in Austin, Texas.

This tacks on Digital Ad Strategy and Management (google, FB/IG, Pinterest, TikTok) to Content Factory and The Boss of You. Think of it as having your own marketing department.

minimum investment = $2,500/month


Don't tell the cool kids, but it turns out I'm a tech geek. I like creating logos, branding, landing pages, lead magnets and pretty websites that sell. Here's a small sampling.




website (in-process)


minimum investment = $10,000 for rebrand/rebuild


Your email list lives with one provider. Your landing pages another. You built a funnel over here but your online course lives somewhere else. You manage multiple calendars. Your leads get deposited in another software altogether. They're supposed to talk to each other, but there are glaring holes in the ecosystem.

Your CRM sits unused. Follow up, what's that? Or did you just say, "my C-R-what??"

You're tired of patching it together. And let's face it, your business is worthy of more than duct tape and spitballs.

Oh, and don't go add up how much it's all costing you. You'll feel queasy.

If you're looking for a unified system that will integrate your customer's journey from lead to purchase to delivery, I can help.

I know most of the options out there, what works best, and for whom. I can send you in the right direction or even develop a package to help you migrate from other systems and consolidate.

$500 payable before appointment

2 hr session plus written recommendations and instructions (does not include set-up or migration)

Why I Do It

I've taken all the courses that promise it's a breeze to build an online business. I've learned every social media platform. And then relearned them every time they make a change to the algorithm. I've tested all the technology platforms that are supposed to make it all easy. And then I watched as more and more women in Midlife were herded into the same sales pitches when all they really needed was a way to bring their gifts to the world so they could finally reach their full potential.

I started 5-0 Marketing to help you find your ideal client, tell them your story and give them the opportunity to buy what you're selling, benefitting you both.

You read that right. I didn't cage it in pretty euphemisms. You're in business to make money. Are you doing good too? Well you better be or we won't be working together. But in the end, I help you focus on the bottom line.

These are your prime earning years. Let me help you build the business of your dreams.

*I get asked why I put prices on my website. The answer is simple: I don't believe in bait and switch. I want you to know what the minimum entry point to work with me is so you know going in and money becomes less of the conversation. Please note that these are minimums for the most straight forward services, but I will always be transparent about pricing with you.